Cyber Security

The Cyber Security Technology Associate Degree program prepares graduates to enter the field of cyber security with a concentration on information system security and data integrity.

The program provides a general background in computer repair; computer networking; internetworking; enterprise computing practices; implementing and maintaining security on computers and networking equipment; and assessing security risks.

First Semester
CourseCourse NameCredits
ENGL 101English Composition I (GEC 1)3
GNST 102First Year Experience1
INFT 110Computer Architecture & Troubleshooting4
 Elective (GEC 3)3
MATH 113 or 130Math Reasoning or College Algebra (GEC 2)3
Semester Total 14
Second Semester
CourseCourse NameCredits
ENGL 102English Composition II (GEC 1)3
INFT 228Web Server Administration3
INFT 131Networking I (GEC 4)4
INFT 132Networking II4
Semester Total 14
Third Semester
CourseCourse NameCredits
ECET 260Telecommunications4
INFT 231Network Engineering III4
INFT 232Network Engineering IV4
INFT 280Intro to Database Systems (GEC 4)3
ISST 250Security Fundaments3
Semester Total 18
Fourth Semester
CourseCourse NameCredits
ISST 262Computer Forensics4
INFT 260Disaster Recovery3
INFT 290Project Management (GEC 4)3
INFT 295Seminar1
ISST 252Network Security4
Semester Total 15

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