Instrumentation, Measurement and Control Technology

Instrumentation, Measurement & Control Technology program will develop skills for the installation, maintenance, calibration and troubleshooting of systems used to measure and control the flow, level, temperature and pressure in automated industrial processes. Technicians may be employed locally, regionally or nationally in chemical, power generation, waste water plants, and the oil and gas industry. Typical salary range for an entry-level position can be up to $30 per hour.

This program is offered in our Open Schedule format…for those whose life won’t allow them to pursue a degree because of the traditional course scheduling that requires being on campus every day.

  • Open Entry: This means that you can begin the program any time of the year
  • Blended Model: A portion of the work can be done from home, but you are required to come to campus to work with the instructor, including the hands-on lab activities.
  • Open Schedule: You can come to campus as it fits your schedule, morning, afternoon, evenings or Friday

The Open Schedule format fits adults with busy or complicated schedules, such as:

  • Those working a full-time job
  • Those that must travel often in their job
  • Those working rotating shift schedules
  • Those living too far to drive daily, but can come on campus once every week or two
  • Or, those who just want a more flexible schedule