Tool and Die

Gestamp is in search of Tool and Die Technicians  to set up and operate a variety of computer-controlled and mechanically-controlled machine tools to produce precision metal parts, instruments, and tools on their South Charleston facility.  

BridgeValley is partnering with Gestamp to deliver an innovative one-year program blending work experience and classroom instruction.  The program is designed to provide students hands-on instruction with the latest technologies in the industry while providing them the necessary background in the properties of metals and the skills to produced machined products that meet precise specifications.

About the Program

The Gestamp Tool and Die Program blends hands-on experience with classroom instruction to provide students the knowledge and skills to succeed in the workplace.  The program lasts three semesters or approximately one year. Students will work three days a week, and attend class two days a week.

  • 480 classroom hours will be taken at BridgeValley’s Advanced Technology Center located on the college’s South Charleston campus
  • 720 On the job training hours will have to be completed for the Junior Technician program
  • Students may be required to  work different shifts and different hours throughout the program


  • Earn $15/ hour for 30 hours a week to assist with education costs to reduce the need for loans
  • Tuition reimbursement is available
  • Gain a one-year certification in Machine Tool Technology from BridgeValley
  • Completion of 1 -3 NIMS (National Institute of  Metalworking Certification) 
  • AWS Certification.  Work  hours and coursework are eligible to be transferred to Gestamp’s Tool and Die Apprenticeship
  • You will be considered a  full-time employee eligible for  benefits during the duration of   the program
  •  Financial aid is available to those who qualify

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